Dog Shows

Chalfield hosts two dog shows yearly, the Open Obedience Show, and a Companion Dog Show :

The Open Obedience Show caters for competitors of all standards, from people just starting out in the sport, to serious talented dog and handler teams at the top of the game.


Recently, we have added two more classes to the Show.

YKC - For Young Kennel Club members, five YKC classes.

Obreedience - A team event for four dog and handler teams with the same breed.

The Companion Dog Show :

This is a Fun Show that combines Pedigree Breed Classes, Obedience Classes, and Novlety Classes in one event. Entries are taken on the day and the show is open to all comers.

So What is Obedience Showing all about - the link below will take you to a competitive show site that explains all about the shows and what exersizes are done, from simple heelwork to complicated scent tests and the like

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